Old druid and oracle


A 150 year old half-elf druid living a few miles to the south with his snake companion Lriss.

He is too old and infirm for much activity, but tends to his grove as best he cans and is noted as a source fo wisdom. He is often asked to interpret strange occurrence and is adept at distinguishing coincidence from omen.

Dardil is attendend by a strange feathered beast that walks on its hind legs. Dardil calls it “Fang” and says it is a “Terror Lizard”. Fang has been Awakened by the druid spell, and can speak Elven. Dardil says Fang was awakened by an old student of his (Sorvaril) who surpassed him. Sorvalril found and befriended Fang in a foreign land, then left him here to keep Dardil company. “I’d never seen such a thing, and at first I thought it was some strange sort of bird, but it has no wings and no beak.”



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